Helping Your Business Get Found Online

I’m a Search Engine Optimization consultant for small- and medium-sized businesses in Eugene, Oregon. I help my clients get found online, increase their traffic, and get the phone ringing. I’m focused on white-hat strategies that help your business get found online.

And unlike other consultants, I don’t bill by the hour which means you never have to watch the clock, pay for change requests, or tell your boss you blew the budget.

What Sort Of Things Do You Do?

  • Free Local SEO Review. I’ll review your website and send you 5 suggestions on how to improve your SEO. And if you’re in Eugene, I’ll buy you a coffee and answer your questions. Outcome is direction on how to improve your Local SEO.
  • Done-for-You Local Visibility, a 3-month tune-up of your website’s local visibility. Not visible to customers in Google’s local search results — and don’t have the time to change that? I’ll do the heavy lifting for you. Outcome is an increase in website traffic and local customers.
  • Local Visibility X-Ray. Want something smaller? I’ll review your existing website, providing you with a comprehensive, custom analysis of your local-search efforts and my suggestions to increase your rankings. Outcomes are specific directions on what to improve with your Local SEO.
  • Consulting Projects. I coordinate 4-6 fixed-scope consulting projects every year, ranging from Search Engine Optimization to Link Building and Lead Generation to Marketing Strategy.

Wait, Who Are You?

Kai DavisMy name is Kai Davis. I’m a Local Search Engine Optimization consultant in Eugene, Oregon. I help small- and medium-sized businesses get found online. I’ve worked independently as a consultant for over 5 years.

And What’s Your Business, Exactly?

  • EugeneSEO is a small company. Run by me, my business is small and plans to remain small. I work best with small, established businesses, small teams, and small sets of stakeholders.
  • EugeneSEO is an experienced company. I’ve worked as an SEO and Marketing consultant for over 5 years. I’m experienced working with small- and medium-sized businesses and helping my client’s get found online.
  • EugeneSEO is a durable company. Built to be profitable from day zero, I believe firmly in creating something stable, modest, and mildly profitable that will last me for the rest of my life. My overhead is low and I structure my business to provide stable revenue whenever possible.
  • EugeneSEO is a focused company. Unlike other consultants, my business is entirely focused on Search Engine Optimization. I’ll help you optimize your website to get found online, increase your traffic, and get the phone ringing.

I’m intensely grateful for the work I do, and I hope to hear from you soon. Take a look at what I offer at the top of this page, and feel free to reach out anytime. Thanks for reading!