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Are you looking to increase your rank in Google? Be honest. Aren’t your really looking to get more customers and make more money?

Don’t worry. It’s okay to think that way. You may say you’re looking for help with your Search Engine Optimization, but that’s just a pathway to your actual final goal: more money.

That’s where we think most Search Engine Optimization consultants get it wrong. They make decisions without understanding your business. Unfortunately, freelancers making decisions without understanding your business goals won’t necessarily grow your business or improve your bottom line.

Since 2012, our agency has helped local Eugene businesses, like yours, be in the strongest position to yield the best results from visitors to their websites — and continually increase the number of visitors.

Search Engine Optimization may feel like a black box to you: what are you supposed to do? How are you supposed to do it? What should you monitor to make sure it’s working?

What if you didn’t have to worry about Search Engine Optimization or increasing the traffic to your website anymore? What if, instead, you had a trusted team handling all of your search engine optimization needs:

  • Optimizing your website and your most important pages so you rank for your most valuable keywords
  • Monitoring your site to make sure that it stayed compliant with all of Google’s rules and restrictions
  • Tracking your rankings for your most important keywords, optimizing your site as you moved towards ranking #1
  • Providing strategic direction on the type and topic of content to create to increase your traffic

Would you be excited about 2x-ing, 3x-ing, or even 5x-ing your website visitors? It’s okay to say no. We’re not for everyone.

We may be a good fit for each other if:

  1. We like each other! (I only accept clients whom I like and like me.)
  2. You’re interested in honest advice to further your business.
  3. You pay your bills promptly.
  4. Your business is ready for strategic advice on how to perform better.

If you do see a fit, message me below, and we’ll set up a 30-minute phone consultation to discuss the details of your project.

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